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Personal Living

Privacy and personality are at the heart of individual living spaces. This is the place where quiet study happens and personal belonging are stored and displayed. Function is based around creating a home for the user, sometimes for a short period and other times for the longer term, but always with the individual in mind.

Ample Storage

DE Design offers furniture options to maximize a room with storage and comfort. Under-bed drawers offer concealed storage, desks have multiple drawer options. Nightstands, various combinations of dressers, and wardrobes all work together to create a high performance space.

Sustainably Produced. Built in Canada.

In all aspects of student life, the environment helps to shape the experience. Our personal living furniture collection enhances the aesthetic and function of the dormitory, locker room and areas of learning. All products work to maximize the space and withstand the rigors of the clientele.

We integrate affordability and functionality into the construction of our quality campus products. DE Design’s customer support and design team is always available to help with the unique creation of your product.

Popular Personal Living Furniture

Pix Captains Bed Slab Carob Coconut


When curating a space for others, the right bed can help make people feel at home. DE Design’s various bed styles fit the intended feeling of each room.

GEO Desk Shell DG4824GXX


Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern style desks, DE Design offers a variety of options to match the style of your space.

Geo Dresser Ren 01


Fabricated with high-quality materials, our dressers provide durable storage solutions with a variety of finish and hardware options.

GEO Wardrobe Storage DG3672VS3

Closet Organizers

When looking to maximize storage in small spaces, our closet organizers help create order without compromising style.

Experience Combined With Quality

DE Design has been providing high-quality, competitive designs since 1972 with direct manufacturing and design consulting services for campus living applications. Curating quality materials that are designed to be durable, our dormitory furniture solutions complement the aesthetic of the space while adding function.


GEO Cover People 2

Durable Furniture that Sets the Stage

DE Design will work with you to help define your space. Our team of industrial designers, engineers, and planners work with your campus brand and operational requirements, turning imagination into reality. DE Design coordinates and manages specific requirements and partners with local area installation companies to ensure campus dormitories are ready for student arrival.

Durability is of paramount consideration in these demanding environments. Each material is selected for its strength and performance. Quality core materials are surfaced in wear-resistant laminate and impact resilient edging.

Browse Ideas for Your Space

Function and beauty combine to create our personal living furniture collections.

With affordability and functionality woven into the construction of our products, DE Design furniture collections enhance living and work spaces across Canada & the USA. Our furniture and locker solutions are designed to enhance the aesthetic of the space, maximize function and meet the durability demands of our clientele. Our experienced design team will work with you to create unique furniture solutions that define your space while aligning with your brand and operational requirements. Let DE Design help turn your creative ideas into reality.